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Kenmore Residential Side-by-Side Refrigerator 25354669403


I need a repair manual for a Kenmore Residential Side-by-Side Refrigerator 25354669403 Service Manual.

My Refrigator is not cooling above the freezer coils and none of the fridge, and the evaporator fan is not running.

The refrigator side is warm not cool at all.
On the Freezer side, I removed the back panel, the coils are freezing up and icing up, at that area is cold, but everything above is warm.

The evaporator fan above the coils is not running at all.

I need to troubleshoot the fan and the parts that cause the fan to run, is what I am thinking.
any help would be appreciated



Do you still need help with this or did you get it working?
I would check to see if you have voltage to the fan motor. If you do have voltage then replace the fan motor.

I worked on a unit like this and found out that the defrost terminator thermostat was faulty and would not allow power to the Evaporator fan to complete the power circuit to the evaporator fan. I replaced the terminator defrost thermostat and that solved the problem. You can also check the terminating thermostat by removing it and placing it in ice cube water for 10 minutes then check for continuity, hope this helps.


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