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Maytag LAT9806AAE washer won't spin

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So originally this was gave out and wouldn't spin.  I replaced both the tub seal and bearing thinking that was my only problem.  After I replaced those items I got the washer to do spin cycle once.  Now it won't spin again.  I've replaced the lid switch and fuse and both drive belts.   I've checked and the the motor pulley is spinning while spin cycle is selected.  The transmission pulley is not rotating though.  Is my problem the brake or transmission pulley?  If it's the transmission itself, I'll just junk this washer.  Thanks.

Transmission does nothing in spin. Double check the tub bearing,did it slide easily over the transmission and tub slide onto it when assembling it? From under the unit (unplugged) turn the center pulley clockwise and should spin freely.If not check for an item between tubs and then go to the tub bearing.

Might be the thrust bearing ain't releasin the brake when the motor rotates in the direction of spin and pump

Dependable drive.

Even if the bearings were seized or something was stuck between the tubs, the transmission pulley should turn and release the brake before it locked up. Are you saying the pulley won't turn at all?


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