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Dishwasher recycle pump runs momentarily


Handyman Rescue:
Dishwasher seems to cycle correctly from control panel. Water fills normally, then when control triggers wash or rinse, recycle pump runs 12 seconds and stops. All else runs normally and wash sequence proceeds till end and pumps water out. Could this be the pump overloading or a circuit panel problem.

Model PDW7800G00WW

Under your lower panel, GE has placed a mini-manual. This is what we use in the field to make a determination if it s a control or not.

Your model has a wash pump and a drain pump.  If the wash pump is stopping when it should be running, the only test you need to make is with your voltmeter across the 2 leads going to the wash motor. If the voltage remains stable even when the motor stops, you know it's a bad motor. If the voltage is interrupted, you know it's a control issue.

Handyman Rescue:
I did check the voltage at the pump. When the control calls for wash or rinse the voltage at the pump is normal, but after about 12 seconds the pump stops and there is no voltage at the pump. So then I can assume its the control panel that is defective. I don't see a mini service book under the unit, but maybe I am just missing it. So then this sounds like a control issue. Is there just one board to replace? Thanks for your help.

Handyman Rescue:
Ok so I replaced the control module and the wash cycle was normal, but not all the buttons were supported by the new module. I came to find that this one module fits many and needs to be calibrated by powering off for at least 30 seconds then power on and within 2 minutes push normal wash and cookware buttons. Machine goes through self test and calibration over about 5 minutes. Dishwasher back to normal.

Glad you got it repaired. O0
Thanks for the update..


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