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Jenn-Air SVD8310s dual fuel slide-in (Help w/ LP to Natural Gas conversion)

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I bought a used range recently only to realize later that it must be set up for propane when I need natural gas.  The range is Jenn-Air model SVD8310s which is a dual fuel slide-in.  I have opened the regulator and flipped the plastic plunger.  But I'm having trouble figuring out what I need to do with the orifices and/or which parts I need to buy. 

Does anyone have a service manual or parts list for this model?  I've looked at various diagrams online and spoken to Jenn-Air, and from what I can tell the units came with the natural gas orifices installed on the burner tubes; the LP orifices were included separately.  Jenn-Air told me that the only way to get the original natural gas orifices would be to buy 4 new burner tubes (which are not in stock anywhere anyway).

So, can anyone tell me the diameter of the original natural gas orifices on this model?  What are my options here?  I'm new at this, but I'm thinking there has to be a part out there that will work "good enough".  I mean I can boil a pot of water using natural gas and the LP orifices as it is now, but it takes an hour..... Would it be feasible to drill out the LP orifices to the correct diameter?

Thanks for any help/advice!


--- Quote ---Does anyone have a service manual or parts list for this model?
--- End quote ---

Service Manual

Parts List & Diagram

Well, thanks for the service manual!  That just confirmed what I suspected; it says that if the original natural gas orifices are lost then you must purchase new burner tubes.  Even if they were in stock, it doesn't seem worth it. 

I still can't find where it says the diameter of the original natural gas orifices.  Does anyone know where I could get this info?  I'm hoping that I can either 1) find a part for another model that will work or 2) drill out the orifices I already have. 

Thanks again!

Just a bump here. Nobody has the replacement burner tubes. What can I do besides get a whole new stove?  How do I know the necessary size for the orifices?

Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?


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