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LG Top loader WT5001CW bleach dispenser overflowing with water

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I have ran into this very specific problem before. Quite simply the water valve assembly needs replaced due to missing Bleach restrictor plate inside the valve. When the unit calls for bleach and is missing this restrictor plate, it sends full water pressure to the bleach dispensor located in the front left. Replacement of this valve corrected the issue. I know this is late but hope to help future similar issues!
If you look closely at the picture, you can see 2/5 outlets have these restrictors... O0

Good to know.

--- Quote ---I know this is late but hope to help future similar issues!
--- End quote ---

It's never to late to add helpful information to a topic, thanks for positing.  O0

Very good to Know.   The machine comes from the manufacturer without the proper dispenser valve with bleach restrictor or is that something that comes loose & is discarded with the manufacturing assembly.   Also it works at 1st & the problem shows up after warranty expires?  The appliance gods playing with us technicians.

Great post LG. Welcome to the forum.

Good to know. O0


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