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LG Top loader WT5001CW bleach dispenser overflowing with water

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My LG washer was purchased 13 months ago.  Of course, 30 days after warranty there was a major leak that caused lots of water to leak in my finished basement.  Repairman #1 Found out that the hose connected to the bleach dispenser was cracked..  Ordered a new one.  Replaced it.   Now the bleach dispenser was overflowing with water.  Appliance repairman #2 came out.  Said  we needed a new bleach dispenser unit as the water was overflowing from this part.  Ordered it, replaced it.  Water is still overflowing from it and it seems that there is way to much water going to the dispenser judging from the huge amount of water that leaks onto the floor each time we try to wash. 

Can any suggest anything before I call another incompetent repairman?  I am ready to throw out this overpriced washer and just buy a new one!

You should complain to LG.  Call their customer service @ 800 243 0000.  Tell them of your problem and see if they will grant you a 1 time warranty extension.  If the first customer service rep doesn't help you, ask to speak to the supervisor.  I haven't seen enough of these new top load washers to give you any guidance on what to do look for.

Hope this helps.

When you say they replaced the dispenser are you referring to the drawer or the part the drawer goes into?

The bleach is dispensed by means of introducing water into the cup by energizing a water valve. That sends water to a section of the dispenser via the hose ( that was split? - never seen that before but possible ), which mixes with the bleach, then when the water flow stops the cup is designed to syphon it's self empty. If the cup syphon were clogged it would not leak out of the dispenser. If the dispenser ( which is the part the drawer slides into ) is not snapped together well or cracked it would leak. If the drawer is cracked near the front it could leak - but not that much.

What makes you think it's only when the bleach dispenses? That section / valve does not activate for a very long time. Just long enough to purge the bleach from the cup. Is everything else dispensing? Has the dispenser drain hose been removed and checked? Have the other hoses been checked?

The whole bleach Dispenser Unit and hose were replaced. The dispenser is not in a drawer, it is more like a tringular cup in the front part of the machine, separate from the drawer for  detergent and softener in the back.  The lid to the washer is clear, so you can watch the cycle.  The water flowing to the bleach dispenser overflows the cup, and not just a little.  It overflows to the point where it leaks from both the bottom and sides of the washer.  When it's time for th e bleach to dispense, water just rushes to this unit.  Everything else is dispensing fine.  I just don't get why so much water is going to the bleach dispenser unit.


Sorry. I was thinking of a front loader. I didn't really look at the model number well.

The bleach & water mixture drains into another sorta cup section on the top ring of the outer basket. Then it drains through that cup in between the inner and outer baskets. There are two holes in the inner basket ring that could be clogged. When you pop the top open ( not the lid ) you can see where the bleach dispenser would line up with the cup on the top ring.

It is possible that your water pressure may be to high and the system cannot drain out fast enough. The water valve does restrict the flow of the water some so it may be allowing too much water through it. It can also get stuck open too long. That is that it can be slow closing after the computer has turned off the voltage to it.

If the drain holes in the ring are clear and flowing properly it would have to be the valve.


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