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Author Topic: Refrig side not very cold (Sears/Whirlpool) Side by side 106.52754100  (Read 5250 times)

Offline MisterEd

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Freezer is fine (0 degress to -3 degrees) but refrigerator side never gets very cold.  Stays around 40-45 even overnight even when set at coldest temp. 

Is this normal?  Drinks just never seem very cold.

Offline haroldsappliance

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I would check that you have air flow thru the damper vent. If not that part could be faulty, or the thermistor that controls it. May even be adaptive board. Other than that, its possible that your fresh food light is staying on. That will cause a problem with heat. Find your tech sheet, it will help you troubleshoot.

Offline MisterEd

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Thank you very much.  Not sure if it is worth investing any more money in this thing especially not knowing which of the 2 parts is the problem (if it's even either of them).  The Thermistor might be worth a shot but I'd hate to buy the other part and not have it be the problem. 


Offline theoldstoveguy

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I had one with the refrigerator door ajar and ice had formed over the damper,froze it shut. Hair dryer and solved it.

Offline Bailey

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I did a call yesterday with same problem. They had a tall plastic container sitting up against the louvers where the air comes out.

Offline dab147315

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MisterED all these guy are telling you like harold ,bailey,theoldstoveguy that you may have a air flow problem to refrigerator and i think you do like harold so kindly told you .I guess it would be cheaper to buy a new refrigerator for 1 or 2 thousand dollars .

Offline MisterEd

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Not quite sure I get your point (or even understand what you are saying)  :D but in any case I understand and appreciate what they told me.  My point is the box is quite old and we have already put a lot of money in repairs into it and I am not sure if I want to spend yet another $100 on it when it may not even help.  It may simply be time for a new refrig. 


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