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Bocsh SHU 9955 UC/12


I'm considering buying a used Bosch SHU 9955 UC/12.  I've been looking around on the web for info about this model but there seems to be very little available.  Does anyone know anything about this model?  User manual?  Service manual?


I'm having no luck finding the owner's manual, AJ will probably have a service manual for you. It looks like a typical Bosch dishwasher. They are very quiet and a little harder to service than normal.  The most common problem is burnt solder joint on the control board.  When this happens, the heater will not work and the dishwasher will run for hours.  If it's not too bad you can resolder the joint, otherwise you have to replace the control board.

SHU model dws

Did you buy the Bosch or what?


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