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LG washer with mystery leak...

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Last night as my washing machine had finished it's cycle, I noticed water on the floor in front of the machine.  Pulling the machine out revealed a fair amount of water damage to the baseboard & evidence of moisture under the machine.  The baseboard damage would suggest it's been leaking a little for a while.  First thought - the drain line in the wall had a small leak (maybe a finish nail puncture).  Not it.  There is no evidence of water leaking at either end of the supply lines.  No evidence of water on the wall or on the back of the machine.  Removed the grey drainage hose to inspect, again no discernable holes & no evidence of moisture on it last night (just after the incident).  No error codes on the machine.  Seemingly normal amount of water left in it when I drained it.  Nothing unusual in the filter.  I've checked all the rubber bellows & hoses...  Honestly, I can find no evidence of a leak inside the washer and yet it *has* to be coming from inside.  Washer is about 3 years old. 
The only thing worth noting is I do have a few cats, so it may be processing more pet hair than a normal washer.  It doesn't seem to be an issue with the filter (and usually the hair shows up in the dryer).   The load which caused the increase in water was towels - heavier than my usual loads.  I did two smaller loads the day before w/o noticing water- It was probably there, but in smaller amounts.  So this leak might be to some degree weight dependent...
Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks-

The most commonly leaks in these units is a very small trickle from the door gasket where it meets they meet each other. Look at the font panel below the door for a trace of water deposits. Its best seen looking sideways across the panel. If its leaking from from there clean the gasket and door very well. If cleaning does not work change the gasket. Another place to check is a split in the manual drain hose by the filter.

I did find a small clog in the white plastic connector between the boot drain and the bottom of the drum, if that makes sense.  It was totally blocked, but I'm still not sure if that was the whole problem...

What is the model number?  Top load or front load washer??

The model # is WM2010C.  It is a small front-load machine.  Since I cleared the blockage in the boot drain, we've run 2 loads and haven't seen any leaks...  I'm still not convinced that was the issue. 


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