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Whirlpool Cabrio Washer displays "oL" every time I run a cycle

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This is an old thread, but it sounds like bad suspension rods. Whirlpool did make an improvement on them. I would try replacement rods....

I am not sure but I believe their is a service memo out there that says to remove the counterweight at the base of the machine and add 2 springs for stability to fix the problem. If I am wrong someone point it out to me. Thanks

I had a couple like this in the last year,  ended up being suspension rods.    When you replaced sensor,  did you replace the kit with the whole harness,  or just the sensor?    You have to be careful when replacing harness,  so that you don't cut any of the wires and get the wire holders in all of the correct holes.    I didn't hear about the service memo,  JW,  I would be interested to know about that.    Someone let us know.   

That might have been for a uL instead of an oL now that I think of it.


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