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Whirlpool Cabrio Washer displays "oL" every time I run a cycle

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My whirlpool carbio washer displays "oL" every time I try to run a load. The washer will fill up then drain and display the error "oL". It does this even when the washer is empty. It will not complete a self diagnostic test without displaying the error "oL" either. I have removed the washer plate and cleaned underneath it. I have also removed the rotor and stator and checked it for any cracks or damage. Everything is clean and in tact. I have also replaced the sensor without any changed in how the washer is acting. I need to know what I need to check now. Is there a test I can run or a part that causes this issue? PLEASE HELP!!Thank you.

This washer has a floating tub, make sure tub slide up & down freely.

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Yes, it moves around fine.

How far into diagnostics will it go? I have seen bad suspension rods cause this to happen...

Where you ever able to find out what the problem was? My Cabrio has started to do the exact same thing. Trying to find out if its a qick fix or time to call some one out.



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