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GE Washing Machine leaks


I bought this machine brand new in 1995- might be an earlier model.
It is leaking from underneath - I believe from either the pump or bottom of tub.
Shortly after filling it leaks a small amount of water on the floor and doesn't seem to be from a hose.
Between loads I noticed water dripping from the top of pump.
During the washing cycle, it is also leaving a wet spray pattern even with the height of the bottom of the tub on the pump side and rear panel.
Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Model GWX4070SW119

With the front panel removed, you should be able to spot where the water is coming from. If it exudes from the pump, replace the pump. If it is coming from above, replace the bad tub seal and bearing just like the guy in this post needs to do:;topicseen#new


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