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Kitchenaid microwave/hood , magnetrons burn out

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The model # is ; KHMS2050SSS2 . Its about 3 yrs old. The magnetron antenna burned up which also smoked the thermo-switch. I replaced both and it burned up again immediately. Anyone have this problem with this model ? The components look different than the usual. The transformer looks to be on a circuit board and I'm not sure where the cap. is . Also can't find any repair manual for it . Send Help ! Thanks

When you say immediately, do mean within seconds?  Is it arcing in the wave guide? Maybe your inverter board is bad.  Whenever I've seen bad inverter boards, they've always had no output. Maybe you have one that has too much output?

Thanks for a reply .
Yes the magnetron goes within seconds. It has a louder than normal hum and you can just tell something is getting Fried . I can't see in the wave guide .  My thought also was that its getting way too much power.  Don't know where to start though . Can't find any service info, schematic, nothing. I'm new to microwave repair, but with a little info on what I'm looking at, I can usually figure things out. I'll guess the 'inverter board' is what the transformer is sitting on. It's a 4"x4" circuit board and the red wires going to the magnetron come off the edge of it . It has a lot of other 'parts' on it too. One other thing, I noticed a nick in the paint inside the microwave on the bottom . There is a minor bit of exposed metal . Never saw any arcing though so for WIW. ?
Thanks for your help.

Is the window in front of the magnetron cracked? any moisture getting on the antenna blows m up too.

Kitchenaid KHMS2050SSS2 Inverter M/W made by Panasonic
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