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Kenmore 665 (665.16262400) - clean light blinks 7X - 'reset' does not help

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After cleaning the sump, the dishwasher worked fine for two days. Then the light started to blink again (7times) and the machine stopped working. I did a reset again. If I open-and-close the dishwasher about 15 minutes into a cycle, it will complete the cycle. That has helped with about three loads now. In the last load some pots (in the lower rack) were not really clean.
I assume opening-and-closing bypasses the thermistor somehow. So, for now I can use the machine but it is not fixed. Any advice?
Thank you for all the help.

The light blinks 7x to tell you that the water temp. never got hot enough.  You can cancel it out and the next cycle will start but when it senses the cold water it will stop & blink again.  I find the heater is most of the time burned out or open (check with a ohm meter).  When you order the new part it will sometimes come with a new control board.  Check when you order for the right part as there is one for plastic tub and one for stainless steel tubs.  good luck!!!

One more thing.  Check the wiring sheet.  I think you can check for a open element at the control panel by unplugging the dw and check with a ohm meter from the white wire on the door switch and white/red wire on control board that is on one of the plugs on the board.  I may not be correct on the wire colors, that is why I said check the sheet first.

When the problem first arose I checked the element at the contacts under the dw and it has 13 ohms, which is what it should have I believe. Can it be the controller? How can I test the controller?

For intermittent no heat, I would suspect the door switch.  Especially, since opening and closing the door seems to help. The neutral switch in the door latch with the white wires only controls the heater. When the door is closed, pull the door handle slowly and listen carefully. You should hear both switches click.  If you only hear one switch click, you know the neutral switch didn't close.  Make sure your dishwasher is level and the door is closed tight.


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