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return not working at all Please Help

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 >:( Can anyone please help I Have a 4 ton carrier unit 2003 has been well matained but now I turn the unit on and both fans are coming on but the return inside isn't pulling any air at all there are no obstructions on the return the unit is running smooth but the return isn't working Help Please.

That sound to me like your squirrel cage has separated, have you checked it?

We have checked the outside unit I believe the fan you are talking about is outside right its a small fan in the back of the unit that is closest to the duct work we have a mobile home there is nothing on the inside of my home to my knowledge????????

You must have a package unit can you post any photos?

I wish I could post some but you see its my home that is for sale we live in my husbands home I've finnaly got a buyer for the home an the inspection is I the next few days for his loan to buy the home an of course the air is acting up I really can't afford to have an AC tech come out if its something I can fix all I know is its a 4 ton carrier unit the year is about 2003 I've made sure to keep it serviced an has always done well I really just didn't need it to act up now when the home is fixing to go through inspection for the sale its has the big fan on the top and if you open the right side top of the unit there is a smaller fan down inside to the back of the unit right where the duct leaves the unit to go into the house under the trailer both the fans are on when the unit comes on runs smooth just the return dosen't pull any air on the inside I've replace a part awhile ago I forgot the name of it a relay maybe its at the top when you open the unit on right side with all the wires going to it. I'm aways away from the home to get pics if that's what I have to do to maybe find out what it is I will try to get some I'm running out of time trying to fix before the inspection or it will be to late  :(


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