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110.86171100 Kenmore dryer has burning smell after replacing parts.


I replaced the rollers, belt, and idler and went to start the dryer back up and right away I got a nice burning smell. When I opened up the dryer, I could see where the box that has the heating element was red hot. Should that be happening? Did I hit something while I was putting the drum back in? The burning smell I would think might be some lint that might have ended up on the elements, but who knows. Any help greatly appreciated!

Was the belt turning the drum when you started dryer?

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Something is in a bind. If the belt is not on the pulley correctly, it will not take long before it burns and breaks. When you put the drum in, it is important that you make sure the right side roller wheel is in the groove of the drum. Just reach back and pull it into place. Make sure the drum rolls freely. This is a very simple dryer to repair.

The belt come off the pulley, thanks guys!


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