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Water Disp Leaking Kenmore (Whirlpool) Side by side Refrigerator 106.52754100


Most of the time the water dispenser leaks (drips).  We keep a cup under it and sometimes overnight it overflows and sometimes it is fine.  It SEEMS like if I pull forward on the dispenser lever the leak will stop. It drips every 10-15 seconds.  Very slow.

Is there some sort of tension device that keeps the lever forward like a spring of some sort? 
Any other obvious thoughts on why this is leaking?

For the life of me I see no way to disassemble the dispenser unit and really prefer not to if it can be avoided (nor do I want to spend money on a service person because the refrig is pretty old at this point.

Attached are pics of the unit.  You can actually see it dripping. No, the foor is not tilted!  :)

Replace water valve, part # W10408179

Thanks .... is this a "99.9% for sure" cure?  :)

Very low water pressure could cause this problem.


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