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GE Washer Leaking & Noisy


I have a 10yr old GE washer that is leaking water pretty bad now after about a month of leaking. I took the front panel off and it is a steady drip coming from one of the transmission screws. It has also recently started to make a noise like a jet taking off when it spins. Would this be the seal and bearing gone bad? What is involved with changing these parts and how hard is it. Is there any other parts that would have to be replaced also because of this leak?
Thank you for any help anyone can give me.

Model WCXR1070TAWW

It's a bad bearing and seal, which comes in a kit. You will need a spanner wrench to remove the nut holding down the tub.  You can obtain a copy of the GE Topload manual here to get you started..

Thank You Repair-Man, I am now just looking at the manual which will be a great help in seeing what I have to do to get at the seal and bearing. Guess I will have to buy that spanner wrench also to get the job done. In your opinion is a 10 yr old machine worth the money and all the work vs buying a new machine?
Again thank you for responding so quickly.

I'm glad you asked that question! My outlook on appliances tends to be a bit blunt....

Your washer is nothing but a big box full of parts. You have to ask yourself, "Is it cheaper to buy a part or buy a whole new box full of parts?"  My suggestion is to keep your retirement money and fix the machine. The spanner will only serve as an investment in your future, repair-wise.

Knowledge is power!

I have had no luck messing with those machines leak wise. These are the most crappy designs made.


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