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Kenmore (Maytag Amana) Fridge flooding water out dispenser

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If they turned off the water without turning off the icemaker, that could cause flooding.  The valve needs at least 20 psi to work properly.  The icemaker is still running and reducing the pressure in the plumbing. Once the pressure gets below 20 psi, the valve doesn't stop and releases the remaining pressure in the house. I've seen it.

Home owner has decided to buy a new fridge because they are selling the house.  I am trying to negotiate my labor to put new valves in the washer and dishwasher for the fridge.  It's well worth the fix...hate to see them just give it to best buy when they bring the new one but crazier things have happened :P
Thanks for the advice though folks, I haven't run into a house that was winterized before.  Sounds like the proper procedure would be to take all diffusers off the faucets and turn off water to appliances.  Turn water back on and flush.  unhook water line from appliance run into a bucket till clear then rehook.  Any thing I'm missing.  Might be worth a new thread about winterizing from someone who has experiance with it. O0

Water damage is always a high concern and is the very reason I carry a one million dollar liability ins policy. Water scares the hell out of me. Always err on the side of safety here. I do know that there is one maytag design that has two small circuit boards in the dispenser area that are know to short and flood. I could not tell if this is the same design. I know there is a change of plans here with this unit, but I would always change them valves if there's any doubt. I have put a valve on at no charge just to make dam sure. Trim pressure switch hoses, tie down drain hoses, warn the customer, etc.

Update:  Picked up fridge today in exchange for service call and labor to install new valve's on dishwasher and washer.  House is on the market and owner lives in Australia and doesn't want to take any chances.  Definate take shoes off in house as the alarm keep's saying "the front door is open"...I know that babe, I opened it...thank you for not calling the police though...I'm not stealing it :)
 Going to replace water valves and put into service in my basement for a month and if all good sell a very nice Stainless Steel SxS.  I would keep it but it's a little nicer than my house deserves :embarassed: ...tempting though ;)

Got this fridge home and ran it...buzzing sound's at times (not good  :-\ )...cooled and ran well for a few day's then no cold :( .  Ohm'd out compressor and all good  :)  so ordered capacitor/relay thinking all would be good.  Probably bobbled a bit in the trailer  ::) .  Put new start device on and same buzz (not good  :-\ ).  Gonna relax the rest of the day and really look at it tomorrow but have a feeling the comp. is bad...could I have done that in the move?  I was careful but it did work when I took it out.  Oy, really needed a good day  :P .  No patience let alone the money lost on this trade if I messed it up :tickedoff:


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