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Kenmore (Maytag Amana) Fridge flooding water out dispenser

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What i learn in 38 years go doing this at the times you have a bad day or longer you will  for get about it as time goes on.Sometimes you loose a little money .But most of the time you make money or more important you no some things are beyond your control .AND AS TIMES GOES On YOU FORGET IT.Let it go.You did not do anything wrong.Its just a appliance.

Thanks I needed that :) .  I do win more than I loose just get grumpy when I loose so big.  You're right though it is just an appliance.  I will make something out of it...not sure what...but something O0

Any thought's on what I should do with this fridge?  I can part out some stuff but hate to scrap out a nice looking stainless steel big SxS.  The compressor is shot though...trailer ride to the scrape yard in the near future :-\ ...


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