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Kenmore (Maytag Amana) Fridge flooding water out dispenser

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Model: 596.52673200
Complaint: some water came out the dispenser flapper on a Monday; fine Tuesday; had a minor flood on Wednsday.  When I went to look it's an unoccupied home with a contractor doing work to get it ready for sale.  I was there on Thursday; temperatures were all good, icemaker working properly and cubes looked good size, no freezing in icemaker fill tube, no water dripping from water dispenser or any connections.  The water valve does have a very harsh snap from the solenoid valve and has very good water pressure out the dispenser.
I wasn't exactly sure where to go next.  This is not a rush job (property mgmt co.) so told them I wanted to do a little investigating on intermittent problems.  Then found out the washer had recently overflowed and flooded doing damage.  It only happened once and has worked fine since then.  I was asking about well or city water when she said they had it winterized in Jan. and turned water back on in July (I'm in Michigan) and now these 2 flooding problems.  Could all the filters or water valves in the appliances throughout the house have possible damage?  Due to deposit's...air in line... ???
The fridge flooding is inconsistent and I would be tempted to go with a bad water valve and replace the primary and secondary to be safe.  Any thoughts, experiences or direction would sure help.  Thanks.

I would change all the valves on refrigerator and washer.But i would be worried about if i touch these appliances and they flood again are they going to sue me.Two appliance that flood man that would make me think if i want to touch them.I would think twice .

tried to look at parts breakdown but couldn't tell where the actuator switch for water is. i would look at close for corision or stickiness at the switch seen a few maytags with that problem but not usually on the amana platform models. good luck i would definitely advise to leave water off until unit is occupied just to limit your liability after you touch it

sounds like some "rust flakes" in the Pipes if the water had been shut OFF and drained before it was "unoccupied"
That may clog the Appliance Water Inlet Valve at times ...

Thanks Folks,
I am going to meet the prop. mgr. today and go through scenarios and options.  I will take some lines off and some faucet diffusers off and see if I see any flaking.  I let ya know more when I do. :P


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