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Maytag dryer does not always heat

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It's working  O0

Thank you for the quick responses.

The most difficult part was getting the screwdriver into the head of the far (out of sight) screw.

The manual excerpt was a help except where it said to cut wires, which I did not do.

That's great!

Glad to hear you got it working.  O0

What part did you end up replacing?

I replaced the secondary coil and the holding coil.
I had the parts on hand from 8 months ago.
I guessed at the parts using a troubleshooting guide in an old Reader's Digest repair book.
I was glad to have this site affirm my guess.
It really brings comfort to DIYers like myself.

Thanks again

Would it be improper to say, "With a site like this, you never have to guess"?   O0

I have passed the site on, so you might see more "guesting" and less guessing.


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