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Author Topic: six year old kenmore refrigerator with lots of problems  (Read 2116 times)

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six year old kenmore refrigerator with lots of problems
« on: July 20, 2012, 12:00:35 PM »

3 months ago our we found our 6 y/o Kenmore 106.57029601 side by side refrigerator warm - freezer fine. We realized we had food covering the airflow in the frig.
We defrosted, shifted food, cleaned coils and it cooled again but in the process the icemaker quit working...we're using ice trays now.
Meanwhile, the same "frig not cooling" problem is recurring every 3 weeks or so even with keeping the cooling vents uncovered. The freezer seems to be working fine but gets slightly icy just before frig goes warm. After researching online, it sounds like it may be the bithermal thermostat and/or diffuser? Your thoughts?
We turned it off 9 days agao and have been researching to fix it ourselves.
Since we are going to order these parts, would like to troubleshoot icemaker too since they seem linked as icemaker was fine until first warming.
In addition, we quit using the water dispenser 2 years ago as it would just leak constantly after use...assumed it was hardwater? But again, seeing online that is a common problem?

Please help us with:

    repair of warm frig
    not working icemaker
    leaking water

All in our just 6 y/o sad. It would be great to have it all working well again. We do have a large family and keep the frig/freezer quite we know to keep those vents uncovered though. We are on day 9 without a refrig in the kitchen...thank goodness for the OLD, smaller garage frig kept for parties. Any specific helpful advice is so appreciated.
Thanks much!

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Re: six year old kenmore refrigerator with lots of problems
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2012, 03:29:43 PM »
There are many things that it "COULD" be, first, if your compressor is running then the evaporator motor (p# 2315549) in the freezer should be running along with the condenser motor which is located by the compresser. If evap motor is not running then that would explain a light frost pattern. If your getting enough frost on the evap coil to block the flow of air ,then you could have a typical defrost problem. If that's the case then I would ohm out the defrost bimetal (p#2321799) and the heat element (p#2323198) if they are good and your sure that it's a defrost issue then most likely your defrost adaptive board may be faulty. P# 2303824


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