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is ther txv ?

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talked to a tech on the phone . and said the unit is matched wih the origanal unit in the today 92 93 .the outside units big suction line isn't even sweating or cold. what do you think i should do ?

EXM36F19A1 appears to be a 3 ton unit or 36000 BTU unit. How many square feet of living space are you trying to cool?

got in touch with an aircore tech he said that the new unit outside which doesn't have a restrictor in the small line valve like the origanal comfort maker had doesn't matter as far the the temp of air goes. that clears that question up. i took off side cover in attic unit made sure the sensing bulb was tight on the big line. it's positioned at the two o clock position. the instalation manual that came with the the arcoair unit shows an illustration of the sensing bulb at either the 4 oclock or 8oclock position. this from the instructions showing the instalation of a trx valve in the attic unit  if it didn't already have atrx valve . could this make a difference. should i change the position of the sensing bulb ?

If it is out of place how is it going to work right?Did you tell the installer you believe it is out of place?

i took the side cover off  a week after he was here .should i move it to the recomened position myself. you do think this might lower the output temp ?


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