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is ther txv ?

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Got any kids? Reason I asked is my grandbaby stuck a toy down the toilet and it got hung in the pipe. That was a lot of fun.  :2funny: :rofl:

looked at the download info on the aircore unit but ther was no mention of the the size of the restrictor.i'll check more sites and maybe find what i'm looking cheap came the smorning and cleaned out the mainline drain. that's done with.took the cleaner back to home depot for a refund. back to the restrictor valve in small line in outside unit. if the arcoaire unit has different size restrictor than the origanal comfortmaker .067 could this affect the temperture output.

didn't check any sites no time today. does that restrictor have any thing to do do with the air temp ?

You must have a mismatch

if it's a mismatch that means it could have an affect on the temp output as you say. so i will con tact the guys that installed it. i'll try to get them to check without having to pay for this checkup. i'll post to let you know whats up.


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