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is ther txv ?

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i'm back for a question. in the attic is the comfort maker air handler unit. the model number is EXM36F19A1 .it was installed in 1998.does thi hae a txv valve in it. i can't seem to locate any info on this .also is the ev coil inside made by the goodman comp. ? another tech came out and lowered the suction line presure down to 75 degrees. it still not blowing cold air. the tech wanted to know if there was a txv valve.

A txv looks like this and is external to the evaporator coil.
If a tech looked at your system and did not know if it has a txv he is a very poor tech.
A Comfortmaker ah will have a Comfortmaker specific coil.

the tech did not take off the cover of the unit to look. i was asking for myself. since my unit has one do you know if it's adjustable. just curious.


Freon flows through this valve all the time the machine is running. The way this puppy works is it's temp bulb basically gets attached to the suction line so it can FEEL the line temp. As the freon flows by the bulb the valve opens or closes allowing more or less freon to flow. It is very important that the bulb is attached firmly to the line and sealed up wrapped tightly on that line.


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