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After power cut, no cold air

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--- Quote from: JWWebster on July 14, 2012, 07:47:38 PM ---That might be a barrel fuse. Be careful with that.

--- End quote ---

I looked up barrel fuse. It is something else.  It is rectangular and has a metal bar that pulls up so you can grab it and pull it out.  It appears that it just completes the circuit and there is no fuse or other parts in it.  I think it is just an alternative to the electrical box with the pull down handle to cut the power.

Got any pictures of it and the unit?

These should give you a pretty good idea.  It is an Armstrong unit BTW.

I appreciate the help.  I know I most likely need to get someone out.   However, believe it or not, I am having 50 people over tomorrow for a party.  I thought if it is something small I can take care of, it would save me. It is supposed to be 93 here tomorrow.   

I have 2 units. 1 for the lower 2 levels and one for the upper.  I am probably going to blast the upper level tomorrow and hope for the best. 

After looking at the pics closer, the purple wire looks a little burnt or at least dirty.

Red wire also looks burnt. Did you remove the cover on the compressor and look for burnt wires?


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