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After power cut, no cold air

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No. I didn't really realize there was a cover on it.  Are you talking just the part where the wires go in, or is there a cover over the whole thing?   

Assuming there are a couple burnt wires, those would just need to be replaced?  Since the unit does turn on (at least the fan), it seems like only the wires going to the compressor are a concern?

Under that cover is 3 pins. Each pin is attach to motor windings. Their is a C or common wire connected to both the R run winding and S start winding. So 3 pins R S and c. Look for one of them wires to be burnt (it happens). Look for leaks around the cap and a swollen top. cannot really tell from the photo angle. Is that capacitor a dual one. cannot tell from photo. The Contactor is a 30 amp 1.5 pole with a 24 volt solenoid coil. I would remove the cover over them 3 wires on the compressor and check each pin to copper and see if you have a short. I would look for burnt wires. I would make sure I had continuity between all 3 pins. I would check them wires that are connected to the contactor. You say it is pulling down (the fan comes on) so power is getting to both the compressor and the fan IF them wires are all good at the contactor. Which they look suspect.

Thanks for all the help.  I bought you a beer  :)

When I had time to look at it closer, the red wire was burnt and completely detached from the capacitor.  I reattached it and it is working great.

I need to get a new wire clip- the one in there the wire end was completely gone/burnt.  I hacked it for now with electrical tape since it is supposed to be 95 today.

Glad ye could Git her done! :pint1: :cheers: :banana:


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