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Rheem condenser fan not working

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This is a late 70's Rheem Model #AT-24B1-Q condenser fan not turning. Was working fine then no cold air inside house. The compressor comes on and refrigerant flows. Just no fan operation. We just bought this house so we have a home warranty. They said we should hear from the service company on Monday. I'm assuming it'll be a few days since this is the busy season. Was just wondering if I could fix it asap since it's 101 outside and 90 inside... I was going to try opening it up as soon as the temp drops to below 90 outside. What should I be looking for? Thanks.

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check capacitator 1st.

Move the motor by hand. Any lateral movement of over 1/8th inch and she is poling out (worn bearing) Any vertical movement over 1/4th inch and that motor bearing is gone. Is it hot to the touch or cold? Like Steven says check the cap for swelling or leaking:

I know you said central but window units work the same way and have the same capacitor issues, pressure (68 PSI or thereabouts), and freon R-22 as central units at least the ones I know about anyway.  :tickedoff:

With the power OFF, try turning the Motor Shaft by hand.
Does it turn easily, smoothly ?
When the Fan should be running, try giving it some help using a yard-stick ...
Does it continue to run at all ?

The home warranty sent out a local HVAC repair company. The tech had the personality of a dead cat... Anyway, he replaced the condenser fan and capacitor. It's been working fine for two weeks. Then the night before last I noticed the compressor was running all the time. I'm assuming it's a bad contractor. Already put a call into the home warranty for a recall. We'll see what Mr Personality had to say about it...

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