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I recently replaced a GE (3 wire) condenser fan motor with a Dayton (4 wire) motor- 230 volt. This motor is being hooked up to a dual run capacitor. The new motor has an extra 4th wire (brown/white). One wire needs to go to the common on the capacitor, the other to the line side of the contactor, and the brown to the fan. Do I use the brown/white also? Thanks!

This is on a refrigerator?
Got a model number for us?

Why not just replace the fan motor with another 3 wire GE motor?

Your new motor should have it's own capacitor. That takes care of the 2 brown wires. Then all you would need to do is hook black to contactor and white to common. If you wish to use 3 wires only (and you know the F part of the dual cap has the same MFD rating as required for the new motor) you tape off the white wire and use brown and white stripe on common terminal of dual cap and solid brown wire to F on dual cap then connect black to contactor. Make damn sure you tape off the solid white wire to its self as it will be live.

I just seen this was posted in HVAC, so I guess it's not a refrigerator, lol...
Shows how much I know. :)

This is an outdoor AC unit. The new condenser fan motor came with 4 wires (opposed to three wires on the old one). I have a dual run capacitor: one for the fan and one for the compressor. The old configuration had...purple to to common on the capacitor...and brown to fan (f) on the capacitor.

I was wondering how I hook up the new 4 wire configuration...I have a Do I just cap-off the brown/white or do I need a separate capacitor? Do I need a separate capacitor because it has a brown and brown/white?


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