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Help please! My freezer gets iced at the bottom

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hey that a good ideal what kind of steam cleaner is it i shound use cause i buy that today i run into that alot sould cut my time in half

NJ Mom:

Ok, will I be able to do it with the back grill put back on?  I had put it back on to avoid anything pushing against the fins and bending then. 

-NJ Mom

There are several ways to solve a clogged drain. This is the way I've been doing it for a long time. Boil water in a medium size pot. Take that hot water and work it back and forth with a cheap turkey baster. Once clear, pour remaining water down drain. Lastly, I blow it out with a short piece of 1/2 inch tube. Takes about 15 minutes.

I actually use a thing I picked up at the auto parts store (can't think of the name of it.) It's used to add water to a car battery. Heavy duty and works well. I suggested a turkey baster since that is something a homeowner would understand and have, or can pick up a cheap one......

NJ Mom:
Ok, please help again.  I have tried these repairs several times, using hot water, a hair dryer, a Bissell Steamer, and just defrosting it ( and we couldn't eat the melting ice cream fast enough).  We still keep getting ice at the bottom, usually within a matter of 12 hours.  Is there a heating element or a fan that may be burned out?  I even vacuumed the back and the underside of the fridge ( there is no pan underneath).  I am really getting tired.  Do I need to call a serviceman?  I would hate to think all of our hard work will not pay off.


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