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Help please! My freezer gets iced at the bottom

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I have been thinking about the technicians comments.
1. The insulation is bad? 30 years ago there was a Frigidaire top mount where the styrofoam insulation around the drain would get waterlogged and freeze creating a block of ice. Haven't seen that in a modern refrigerator.
2. The refrigerator is too close to a gas stove? I would really like to hear the reasoning on that one.

Ya and all the G.E refrigerator with the evaporator flat on the styrofoam and became water log.Thats one reason most evaporators are mounted vertically.I think if  they make the  drain hole to small to get the defrost water out of the freezer before the cooling starts.Been doing 38 years.Look at some whirlpool refrigerators with the freezer on the top the cheaper models the drain hole is to small to get the water out of the freezer and also shorter defrost time. They had that problem 30 years ago.But it does give a job.They can over engineer appliances but can,t make the drain hole bigger.And sometime things like algae grow in drain tubes or other stuff like dirt is in there plugging up the drain system .I the old days they would make a appliance for 20 30 years before changing product.Now the engineers are making a new appliance like a whirlpool cabrio and finding problems then starting over again with a new design.That is even worse my opinion.


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