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Help please! My freezer gets iced at the bottom

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NJ Mom:
Once again I reach out to all of you for help.  And thank you for last time - your suggestion, a little elbow grease and $70 saved me from buying a new $800 dishwasher.

Ok, I have a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator (model # FRS22ZRG).  Ice jams up at the bottom of the freezer, and then water seeps out from under the door and pools all over the kitchen floor. I found the YouTube video on how to unstick the ice/clog in the drain at the bottom of the freezer, but my unit is not quite the same.  There is a grill cover over the working parts at the back of the freezer.  I did unplug it for about an hour (not more, everything was really melting fast in this heat), and pointed a hair dryer at the back coils, but unfortunately it still has not worked.  I can't get the little bolts off of the grill cover - I don't have anything that small).  What tool do I need?  What else do I need to do?  I don't have the $1800-2200 to replace this unit. 

I thank you in advance for you help.  It is much appreciated.

You have to get the tool you need to get the back panel off the freezer section. There's a drain hole in there that needs to be thawed out. A hair dryer and something to pick the ice away should work. The only other way is to turn off the frig and wait for the drain to clear. Also, after the hole is clear pour some hot water down the drain to make sure the drain tube is clear. There might be something in the drain hole causing it to freeze.

Strange, I just finished clearing the drain on my own frig... You will have to get the tool, probably a 1/4 inch nut driver, remove the rear cover, and clear out all ice that you see. Be very careful not to pick at it with anything sharp as you could cause damage to the coil also the fins are very sharp and will cut you. The best way I have found to clear it is with hot water. Get a small bucket, I use a ice cream bucket, and a turkey baster, grab some towels, and squirt hot water over the ice to melt it. Once you've cleared the ice, squirt one or two basters full of water down the drain hole to clear it. Good Luck....

NJ Mom:
Thanks guys. I did what you said, took the screws off of the back to reveal the coils.  There is a small hole at the bottom which has a clear tube running though it, maybe 1/4" diameter?  anyway, I didn't see very much ice.  Despite it, I tried to feel around for a clog but found it very hard to reach ( in 5'1", my hands are not big either), but did not feel anything there (including no caked up ice).  You were right , the fins are sharp (no i did not cut myself), so I turned a hair dryer onto it.  Any water at the bottom of the section dried up, and I used some very hot water in a watering can (with a very long nozzle) to pour down the drain.  A bit of the water did go down, and then the rest bubbled over from the top (I don't know how much water can really go down the drain).  I popped the front grill (at the bottom) off, but did not see a drain pan like the YouTube video. 

Anyway, I have replaced all the melting food (minus 2 scoops of ice cream) and turned the unit back on.  Pray for me, I am leaving for a week, and would hate to see a puddle on the floor when I get back.   If you guys have any other suggestions, please do let me know.  I really cannot afford a new fridge, money is very tight here.


--- Quote ---the rest bubbled over from the top
--- End quote ---

The drain is still clogged, the water should flow freely through the drain tube.  If you have one of those steam cleaners, they work very well for clearing drains.  Otherwise, you'll have to force hot water down the drain.  A turkey baster, like scottymo suggested, works well.


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