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Author Topic: Sub Zero 650-S - Serial #148XXXXX  (Read 1468 times)

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Sub Zero 650-S - Serial #148XXXXX
« on: July 05, 2012, 08:01:50 PM »

Sub Zero 650-S (Stainless) - Serial # 148XXXXX

I have a 1999 Sub Zero 650-S (Stainless Refrig/Freezer) my brother in law gave me. He said it was rusted on the bottom of freezer portion of freezer frame and his electric bill was getting up there. Gaskets need replacing but said it was running fine cooling and freezer portion had no problem that he knew of. So I inherited it, brought it back to the shop and decided to get into it. I replaced the bottom Freezer Gasket and upper Refrigerator gasket with Factory OEM Gaskets.  Started to cut out the rusted frame at the bottom of freezer and while cutting out the rusted frame with the dremel I accidentally nicked the freon line. So I called my Dad and he came up to the shop and evacuated the freezer compressor and repaired the copper freon line, recharged the system with 6 oz. of 134A Freon and plugged her in. She pulled down and was cooling perfectly. We put a thermometer probe in the refrigerator and another one in the freezer to check the cooling and freezing. The issue I now have is that the LCD Temperature inside the Sub Zero unit reads 44 degrees in the Refrigerator but the thermometer probe reads 37 and the Freezer portion reads 24 degrees when the thermometer probe reads 0 degrees. Could this be thermistor issue or a Control Board Issue. The interior LCD  thermostats just are not reading the correct degrees of temperatures which will not allow the Sub Zero unit to cycle off accordingly. I actually tried to "FAKE THE REFRIGERATOR OUT" by adjusting the thermostat settings higher but that didn't work.

When I first brought the unit to the shop and ran it for a day after cleaning it out the Freezer portion coil were frozen like a BLOCK OF ICE? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Specs say refrigerator gets 8 oz. and freezer get 6 oz. of 134A Refrigerant.