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I had the same problem with the bolt in the spider assembly just spinning and not being able to remove the Lifter Assembly bottom to get access to the nut.  I drilled out the bolt from the cap end.  You could also cut the top off the bolt.  The Lifter Assembly then slid off.  It turns out that the nut was enclosed in a plastic retainer that wore to allow the nut to spin.  There is a metal plate so you cannot just pull the Lifter Assembly off without removing the two bolts through the spider.  In reassembly, I will use a new nut and bolt.  I will have to use glue to keep the replacement nut from spinning.

Hi Richard U

I have just completed replacing the spyder on the drum assembly and had the same issue with the bolts just turning. I was able to remove one successfully but the rest just kept spinning. So I decided to grind the head off the top of the remaining 5 bolts. I did this with a Black and Decker grinder I purchased at Walmart for $30.00. Once I did that I was able to remove the spyder and then just lightly tapped the cut bolts and the tumbler then falls into the drum. The reason the bolts just spin is because they are lock tite and the plastic housing isnít strong enough to hold the back of the nut in place while unscrewing the bolts. So it strips out the plastic housing. Once the tumblers are removed there are two Philip head screws on the back you can easily remove which then allows you access to the cut bolt and backing nut. There is a metal plate that can be removed as well. At this point I cleaned everything with soap and water and took the one good bolt with me to the closest hardware store and matched them up.(M8 - 1.25). I purchased them along with new flat washers and lock washers. I then used a pair of vise grips to hold the grinded bolt as I used (wrench,socket vise grips) to remove the backing nut. I reused the backing nut and glued it back into place (into the plastic housing) and let dry. (be sure not to get glue in the threads of the nut). Once dried I re-assembled everything. And washer is working back as normal. the bolts cost .98 cents each and Sypder $58.00 from Amazon. I wish I took pictures.
Any questions let me know.


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