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This is embarrassing. I have successfully disassembled the WM2487HRM LG washer. Now I need to replace the spider which is held on by six bolts. When I try to remove those bolts, they turn, but do not loosen. So, there must be a nut on the other side that I need to hold. That would be under the lifters (paddles) inside the drum. I remove the outer piece of the lifter. Then remove the bolt that goes through the drum. Now I should just slide the lifter so the tabs can get to the enlarged parts of the slots. Nothing doing. The lifters do not move. (Yes, I have lifted up the bent part of the drum that lock them in.) What in the world am I doing wrong? I have tried everything short of what I think might break them.



Never replaced a spider on a LG washer myself.
Maybe the service manual can provide a clue.;sa=view;down=334

Thanks for replying AJ. The service manual does not go into that level of detail. Certainly someone has replaced a spider on an LG.

I just replace the basket assembly, Never tried changing just the spider.

If you order the entire drum assembly, the spider part comes already attached.  It's also covered under their part warranty.


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