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central air cool not cold

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The "A" coil is the evaporator coil inside the air handler.
Why was the condensing unit changed out?
What symptoms?
Check all the things I posted and let us know what you find out.

to all: i'm not a tech so superheat and such i can't test.what i did today is tape up two small openings in the duct that goes into the air handler unit where the a- coil resides. i didn't compare temp output from room ceiling vents. but it seems a little better than yesterday. i'm in trenton nj. so were in a heat wave . the attic is around 110 112 degrece. friday morning i hope to take off the panel to get to the a- coil. i'll spray it with the coil cleaner and flush with hose. my next move i'm thinking i'll wrap the whole condesing unit with visquen plastic and tape.this could take a while ? i'm going to do the jumpp trout stuff first. as for jwwebster i'd need a tech for those kind of test. TO JWwebster im not to yours yet but how do you adjust the a- coil ? would that be by adding or taking out the freon charge ? back tomorow hopefully.

If you want the system tuned properly so that the new condenser matches the old air handler you gonna need to check superheat and subcooling to see what is going on with it. Here is Dr Z with a nice Video:

friday 7-6 .didn't get to a coils today hopefullt saturday. will post again. i'll watch the video.

Get you some NO RINSE coil cleaner. Remove as much of the lint, hair, and dust you can with a soft bristle brush. Go by directions on can. Basically you turn off the system. Apply the spray. Let it foam up and pull out deep down grime. Be ready with towels if you do not want it to go everywhere. Wait 10 minutes then turn the unit back on. The foam will go down the drain and clear it out also. Go by directions on can. Get it online or at an HVAC distributer near you.


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