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central air cool not cold

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first i'd have to pay a tech to check super heat and sub cooling. i do understand you explanation on the two measurements. it has to be one of these.i'm thinking about calling a tech. today i re sealed some small openings in the duct work behind the evap coils. i put my hand on the evap coils they were just about cool. i know they should be's 100 today in trenton. the outside unit was 12 years old and was diagnosed with a bad compressor.the fan is blowing strong.the coils were clean. when all was working there was a lot of water coming out the drain outside. now theres hardly any. iused that coil cleaner you mentioned last season. about the evap unit in attic. how cold should the evap coils be. also the small line going into the evap should it be cold or hot?it's 3:30 pm outside small line is hardly warm the big line is slightly cool and seaty. water is just dripping from drain pipe. upstairs small line is slightly warm big line is slightly cool.

The small line is the high side. It should be hot. The larger line should be cold.

sunday: the lines are not the temp they should be. you think i should call a tech and let him try to adjust the unit ?

Yep. Might need a sharp HVAC person on this one though. Better get a pro.

i'm most likely going to get a tech to try and fix this. i'll surley post to let you know. thanks very much for your answers and time. i will call afeww differt places and see who i think sounds like they can fix everything. i'm going to lay off this post for right now. thank's again. O0


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