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central air cool not cold

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i have a residensual home with a new arcoaire unit out side. the unit in the attic is from 1998 .the out door unit has checked two times and is charged . the air coming out the vents is about 68 70 degreces. the tech said he'd like to see it at 59 or 60 .could it be bad or dirty ev coils or could the coils be bad.

Filter clean, coils clean evap and condenser,Air conditioning is the removal of heat. Now model number please.  Is this a 410 a unit with a 22 coil ?

Possible causes ;
dirty evaporator coils
dirty/clogged blower wheel blades
fan motor running too slow
air handler not sealed and sucking in hot attic air
electric heat strip malfunction causing heater to be energized
insulation missing from refrigerant low side tubing

If all of what Jumpy said is fine then the A-coil might need to be adjusted.

If superheat is high and sub-cooling is high:
Could have blockage in coil, orifice or line set.

If superheat is low and sub-cooling is low:
Orifice could be too big, there is no orifice in the unit of the orifice is stuck and refrigerant is by-passing it.

Superheat is telling you what is going on in the evaporator.

High Superheat = Starved Evaporator

Low Superheat = Flooded Evaporator

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to  niobrara : soon as it's cool enough i'm going to chek and clean ev coils.the outside unit model is arcoaire #R2A330GKC1 . the attic unit is from 1998 comfort maker model # EXM36F19A1 . don't know what 410 or 22 coil is. soon as ido this i will post . TO  JUMPTROUT51:i'll check and clean what i can.   to  jwwebster:your answer is obviusly for a tech. i'll do what i can .then i'll post . what is the a coil ? i hope to get to this this week  so i will be posting. thank's for the reply.                                                                                                                               


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