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Carrier Central Heat and Air Not Working


Georgia Dawg:
Model #38YXA024320 Outside unit fan and compressor not coming on. Fuses and electric voltage is good. Can feel air inside at return but not ac cold to feel.
Can anyone PLEASE help diagnose the problem! 

Georgia Dawg:
Discovered fan unit hot to touch, contactor pulled in, fan blades not turning, is this the main cause of the unit not cooling properly? Does anyone know if replacing the fan should fix the problem and is it an expensive part?

Should fix it and no not expensive compared to other issues.

Check the capacitor. If neither the fan or compressor comes on AND the contactor is engaged I would say the capacitor is toast.

use a yardstick and give the Fan some help ..
Also, with the power removed try turning the Fan Blade by hand.
Does it turn easily, smoothly ?
If the Fan Motor is toast,
also install a new Capacitor (at least for the Fan)


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