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Kenmore Elite Top of the Line quit spinning

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You would think buying the top of the line would make it last longer but it isn't always true. Our last Kenmore lasted almost 20 years.

We have a Kenmore Elite Washing Machine about 8 years old. Every option on it.

Today it stopped spinning. It fills, washes or agitates, drains the water, then (sounds like spinning but doesn't), fills, rinses and agitates, drains the water and again, Sounds like it's spinning, but it does not, so the motor is running. The lid switch is OK, Timer will complete each cycle to the end,  but the actual spinning of the basket in not happening.

Can I fix it with normal tools and guts to try it?

Model 110.23034101

I just watched the video of the coupler replacement, but that was a washer that would not agitate or spin.

My Kenmore will agitate and drain, but will not spin.


--- Quote ---You would think buying the top of the line would make it last longer but it isn't always true. Our last Kenmore lasted almost 20 years.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I hear ya there. Seems like back when I started doing this over 20 years ago I did not work on much of anything that was under 10 years old.

Now day's it's a different story and warranty work keeps me busy and if it's not warranty it most often is something under 10 years old that I am working on, lol..

Take a look for the model/serial number tag on the washer. Maybe on the lid or under it.
Going to need the model number to see what Kenmore model you got.


Here we go,

The M is 110.23034101

The S is CM4704668

Type is 111

I hope you can ID the problem. I read some motors reverse for some applications, which makes two things work and one thing dead. But the motor on this washer is running trying to do it job. When the spin cycle is on, it sounds just like it's spinning the clothes, but it's way to smooth and no vibrations.

Thanks for your help.


Ok, I looked up your model and it is a direct drive washer made by whirlpool for sears.

If it does agitate it is not a bad motor coupler.
If the motor runs during spin the lid switch is ok, like you said. :)

This leaves us with only a few things. Being the motor coupler is good the motor should be turning the tranny in the spin cycle. If the tranny is not spinning the clutch then you have a bad tranny.

If the clutch is spinning it could be slipping, but it may smell then and still spin a little.

The other thing it could be is the drive block that connects the tub to the spin tube.

I would take a guess that maybe your trouble and it is easy to check.

Remove the agitator, there is a bolt in the top center that holds it on.
The top of the agitator will have a dispensor or cap that you will have to remove before you see the bolt.

Once you have the agitator removed put the washer in spin with the lid up so you can see what happens. You will have to push the lid switch in with a pen or something so the washer motor runs.

Looks close at the shaft, do you see anything turning?


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