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cool not cold air


i le in a 7 room medium size house. i had a new outdoor ac unit installed. the unit in the attic is 12 years old. i put new filter in . i cleaned the coils in the attic unit. the tech came out and made sure charge was good.the air is cool but not cold. the big pipe out side that goes to that unit is cool not cold and dripping like i heard it should be. the small pipe is warm not hot. is it possible the attic unit is sucking in warm air from the attic from a leak in its housing ? i felt the coils in the attic unit and they sort of cold and slightly dripping. the water drain off outside is a lot less than it usedto be . when the older unit was running right. anythoughts on this . :-\

The initial charge pressure will change as the house temp drops. If the house was hot when the ac was pressurized the pressure will change once the inside temp drops. Once the heat load is less, the low side pressure will drop and more freon is gonna need to be added. Here in the south the inside of the house can get extremely hot when the ac goes out. Here in my neck of the swamp the unit needs to get the furniture and everything cooled down then the pressure needs to be adjusted again. Get him back out there to check it is what I would do.

thanks for the intelligent answer. he did charge it and it was hot out that day at 4 in the afternoon. i'll get him back to charge it in the morning hours. i will definetly post again to let you know. hopefully in a day or two.

the tech told me the best time to charge the system is when its hot . which he did. he installed the outside unit only not the attic unit so he can't check the attic unless i payed for it. thats not under his warranty. thank's again.i'll be closing this post now.

Pure Bull sh!t. My opinion. I would be getting a second opinion on that one. Either your system was sized wrong from jump street or you a-coil needs to be re-orificed to meet the needs of the new outside unit. Suggest you get somebody to check super heat and sub cooling of new unit for any efficientcy loss that may be occuring. Bottom dollar if you ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  O0

Lets see what Dr Z is up to:


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