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LG dryer won't stop running

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Hello all, I've been searching and searching but have not been able to find anyone posting with this issue.  My LG DLE2516W works, but won't stop spinning after it's done.  The only way to make it stop is to open the door and/or unplug it.  The display will count all the way down and then turn off and the heat will stop, but the drum will continue to spin.  The moment I close the door it will start to spin again, and if I push the power button the display will turn on and I can select a program.  If I press the start button it will begin to heat and work like normal until it's done and the display turns off yet the drum is still spinning.

I cleaned out the lint and the moisture sensors.  Running the diagnostics the moisture sensors will count up to 255 and the temperature will go up if I let the heater test run.

Any ideas?  TIA...

Most likely cause is the motor relay is stuck on the main control board.

Id have to agree with scrapiron. It's a main pcb fault in the relay: either stuck points or shorted relay circuitry holding the relay closed.

Thanks guys.  Manual didnt show much in the way of motor relays or switches so I'll start here.  PCB on the way.   O0

Just an update for future searches, it was indeed the main PCB.   O0. Very easy to replace.



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