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Neptune has Popping Noise

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I was getting clothes out of my washer today and turned the tub and noticed a pop. I have heard this before when it was washing but then it wouldn't do it all the time. It only does it when you turn the tub clockwise and you go one complete turn before it does it again.
Could this be the belt since I have heard the belt squeak before when I first start it if it hasnt been used for a day or two. I have never put a belt on it, or does this sound like bearings? BTW I have had this since Jan 2001.

Model MAH4000

Most likely the belt. If you have never changed it, please do so. The new belt kit comes with good instructions, plus a couple of plastic isolator bushings for the motor mount. Your washer was improved upon several times after your purchase, and this kit will bring the belt and motor bushings up to date. I will tell you that the new belt is supposed to be extremely tight while installing, so do not be discouraged if you seem to be exerting too much simply fits tight and that's that.

The drive belt lasts about 3-5 years depending on usage. This part is the only thing between the motor and the tub, as front loaders do not have a transmission. Therefore, it's a good idea to change the belt as routine maintenance. The current part number for the belt kit is 12001788.

Part # 12001788 Kit, Belt & Isolator, AP4009041

Here's another little helpful hint whilst working back there. The Maytag Neptune Laundry facility hired cabinet punchers from Wilkinson Sword to machine those babies :)   Every edge is a laceration waiting to happen! Please do not slide your arms on any edge while working and you won't have to see what xylocaine is for. The only tools needed are a Phillips head for the back panel and a 1/2" socket to remove the single motor mount bolt.

Thanks for the quick reply and info. I had read where someone had changed theirs and then they couldn't get it to stay on--something about they had the belt over too far on the grooves or something like that. I thought it would go directly in the grooves but the way that read it was like part of the belt wasn't fitting inside the grooves and wasn't supposed to? Does that make any sense-or maybe I misunderstood what I read. I am kinda scared to take the back off afraid I will see the rust crap from the bearings but to me mine makes no more noise than when it was new--or maybe a little more in the spin but nothing screaming just more like the wind noise/whirling thing. Sometimes there is I think motor noise but that may be cause I have the old motor. Wish I had gotten in onthe motor replacement when Maytag did it. I will get the belt ordered.
Thanks Again.

I haven't gotten the belt changed yet on my washer but I did find out by turning the tub more and standing up listening better that the noise is coming from the left back corner which is the motor-right? Do you think since the sound is from there it could be anything more than the belt??

I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, but its hard to make a call like that based on something that you heard. Can't say positively that the motor is not making the noise, nor if it makes any difference. If the motor is running OK, no problem. If it stops, replace the motor.

A $200 motor kit is not even 1/4 what the washer costs, so it is still a practical investment even if the motor fails. It's that darn rear bearing that makes most folks turn to a different machine rather than sink $430 into a part.

My advice is to replace the belt anyway...the noise might go away....


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