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Water Heater Leaking from Vent

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I've got a water heater that's leaking condensation from the vent.  It vents into a brick chimney that I assume is lined.  I tried to climb the roof to check the chimney but it was too slippery.  There is a furnace next to it but they do not share a vent.  I work on a lot of water heaters but don't do any vent work.  Is there a fix? 

Vent has to be blocked or restricted somewhere.

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Bird nest ?

Crap!  Just what I didn't want to hear.  It's about a 6/12 pitch roof with slimy cedar shakes.  I could probably easily back out of this job if I want to. I already took care of his dishwasher and I told him the vent was a little out of my expertise.

Probably bird nest in the chimney.


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