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Whirlpool ice maker stopped working after bucket defrost

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Hi guys, having a problem with my ice maker. This is on a Whirlpool GS6NBEXRQ01. I took the bucket out one day to defrost it for several hours. Didn't touch anything on the ice maker. Upon putting the bucket back in, the ice maker no longer makes ice. No water in the tray, and the infrared system appears to be functioning okay. I'm definitely not a very handy person, but is there anything I can check before calling a repair guy? Surely it's too much of a coincidence that my ice maker would decide to actually break while I was defrosting the bucket. It has to have something to do with that, right?


Everything back in it's correct position Cover closed (27) and infrared in ON position?

That's correct!

You could do the simple things first. Remove the kick plate and clean under there. Then clean the dust out of the condenser and around the fan by the compressor. That will make it cool down better and could trigger ice production again. Try adding a tiny amount of water to the ice mold and see if it dumps a batch.

Make sure fill tube to icemaker is free of ice, i have some freeze @ tip causing no water flow.

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