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Whirlpool Duet Washer WFW9250WW00 shows LF 'Long Fill' Error

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Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer Model # WFW9250WW00

Customer said the washer was showing LF in the display.
LF is the error code for Long Fill.

Sometimes I find a bad or plugged water inlet valve or need to replace the water valve.
In this case I found the drain hose wash siphoning the water out of the washer as it tried to fill.

I pulled the drain hose up out of the stand pipe a little to keep it from siphoning and it worked fine after that.

8178076 L-68 Whirlpool Duet Front Loading Washers Service Repair Manual

I have same problem with the LF code. My problem is the washer will overfill about a third way up the door and that is when the machine stops with LF error code??

Could be the water inlet valve is sticking open. What is the model number of your washer?

Model # is wfw9250wr00

Inlet valve screens clogged, turn off water, remove hoses, remove screens with small screwdriver, wash , reinstall.


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