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Tools, Equipment & Other Products / Re: Analog micron gauge
« Last post by dewitt8884 on Today at 09:43:16 PM »
Holy cow that's pricey.  Yeah, I know but I like gadgets.  Sure would be nice to have an analog gauge though.  Batteries suck.
Dryer Repair / Dryer won't stop running
« Last post by daddydonny on Today at 09:39:06 PM »
I read other posts saying it was a relay on the main PCB but what I would like to know can the relay be replaced or does the entire Main PCB be replaced? I have a 2014 LG DLEX3470W.
I have a Kenmore Elite 790.98023800 that I am getting stray voltage to the lower oven door handle(no, I didn't check elsewhere, once was enough). With the bake element engaged I get 30ish volts, when it switches over to convection(it switches internally and automatically during pre-heat) I get 100+ volts.

I have checked all the elements(3) for both continuity and to see if they were shorted to ground, they all fine. I have also check the all the fans, none are shorted to ground and have continuity.

Don't ask how I found the stray voltage, I am still tingly about it... ;)

Ideas? What to check next?
Chit Chat / Re: Professional Appliance Repair Trade (P.A.R.T.)
« Last post by AJ on Today at 09:00:59 PM »
Welcome niceneasyappliance
Dryer Repair / Re: lg dlg7188wm gas dryer not heating.
« Last post by AJ on Today at 03:47:43 PM »
Sounds good, thanks for the info.
Chit Chat / Re: Appliances with fewest problems
« Last post by nolazach on Today at 10:25:51 AM »
Speed Queen washers and dryers.  They are the best made and pretty much never break. 

  For fridges best bet is to get a used Sub-Zero from the late 90's.  Old beast will run forever and you can put the cabinet fronts on it to make it look fancy.   The timer control for these is $10 and most parts you can still get.

All Energy star fridges suck.
If you buy anything GE expect to invest in electronic controls.

Samsung crap will always break and then a few years later fixes will come out to make them decent machines if they live long enough.

Dishwashers clean a lot worse now because being quiet matters more than cleaning.
Chit Chat / Re: New igniter in ge double oven not getting power
« Last post by nolazach on Today at 10:22:06 AM »
No fuse.

  GE anything is prone to have control board failure.  Of all boards I change the majority are GE.  The board has a relay on it that provides voltage to the igniter.   The igniter gets it's neutral from the safety valve.   I recently had a job on  a GE and I was so sure it was the control, yet it turned out to be the valve.  Point being to test before you replace.

   You need a digital meter to test anything electric, if you don't have one, get one.  $20 get's you a basic one.

Now let's assume you have a meter now, because if you don't your only option is to change parts and hope it works.

     With a meter check for continuity between the two top terminals of the safety valve.  (set meter to the omega symbol and you will get o.oo, if you have continuity. )

  If no continuity your valve is bad and you don't have a neutral, you would need to replace the valve.

  If you have continuity next set the meter for AC voltage, turn oven on and read the readings from the yellow wire to the whte wire at the igniter harness. You should have 110-120v.   If you do not, and you have continuity, then you need to replace your control board.

  Yes, unfortunately controls can break at a year out.
Dryer Repair / Re: lg dlg7188wm gas dryer not heating.
« Last post by nolazach on Today at 10:04:09 AM »
I was going to post an issue like this, but decided to bump the old thread instead.

   I just had one like this.  Same model and all. 

   The unit heated and then cooled and didn't heat again. 

This unit uses an odd valve/solenoid combo.  See at first I didn't catch that, and went to take a solenoid off and got that wonderful smell of gas .  So yeah, first time with this issue on this solenoid type. 

    I figured it was the operating limiter on the Flame tunnel.   These buggers will have flaky bi-metal that works and is in continutiy at room temperature but open quicly and take longer than normal to reset. 
  Since for LG and Samsung these limiters are so cheap, I went ahead and swapped it. 
The dryer heated up and ran just fine, for one load.
    Realized the issue was the coils.  I have seen this same issue in Whirlpool dryers caused by coils.  Hell we all probably change coils once a week. 

   Yet these coils were different.  Had to cut gas off in the back, a lot of unscrewing pipes and such.   

   After Iswapped it out, there were no issues.

So if you have an LG gas dryer, with the issue of unsustainable heat after initial heat-up I would look into the coils.

Hi A.J. I'm Christopher Rouse,I own Nice and Easy Service Company in Kingston.Ok. I've been doing appliance work for 7 years and I love it!! I really dig this site,kudos to you..
Washer Repair / Re: whirlpool wfw88heac0
« Last post by Mr. Fix-It on Today at 09:01:05 AM »
Thanks dab that's exactly what I was looking for!

Mr. Fix-It
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