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Title: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 03:39:28 PM
Below I've copy/pasted my post from another forum.  AJ recommended that I post it here. 
Also, I have my dryer apart right now.  I could use some help.

Hi Fella's!
I'm having a problem with my Whirlpool Dryer. All of a sudden it stopped heating entirely. Everything else seems to be working okay ... just ice cold!
I searched this site and performed a few inspections that seemed to be recommended to others with this problem.
First ... I checked the circuit breaker at the box ... turned it off ... waited about 30 seconds and then flipped it back on. NO CHANGE!
Second ... I checked the vent. I went outside to see if there was air flow through it. There was! I cleaned away some lint build up that I could reach, but I don't think that was causing a problem ... I hope.
Third ... I checked the lint trap from inside the dryer. I again cleaned out any lint I could reach. I regularly wash the filter itself, so I know that isn't causing the problem.
That's about it.
I'm thinking (hoping) it's a fuse inside the dryer ... or the thermostat. What do ya'll think?
Many years ago, I fixed our old dryer ... and our washer. Sears had had this service you could buy for $14.99 which gave you 30 days of step by step help over the phone. They helped me diagnose the problems, order the parts and then fix it myself with them on the phone guiding me through any tough parts. Unfortunately, that service is no longer available. SO, I'm here asking for help.
I have the basic tools ... and I'm more than willing to get my hands dirty. Hopefully, there is someone out there with a little patience that is willing to help me out.
I've pulled the dryer out and vacuumed the layers of dust ....
Thanks to anyone taking pity on this old broad who's on a tight budget!

Model GEQ9800LW0 (

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Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: RegUS_PatOff on March 05, 2008, 04:01:55 PM
do you have a volt meter ?
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 05, 2008, 04:08:09 PM
remove the back and to the right is the heat chamber where the heating element is. It has thick red wires going to the element and to the  limit mounted on the side of the heater rated at 250 degrees F. above that at the top is another high limit rated at 300 degrees F
The dryer runs so the fuse mounted on the blower housing obviously ain't blown(it's wired into the lid switch) Remove one of the red wires to the element. remove one from each limit. Check these all for continuity. If any of these are open then it won't heat. If they all check out then their is a controling thermostat mounted on the blower housing. If it is open then their will be no heat. Lastly the fat red wire from the element comes from the timer terminal marked RH. If RH has no continuity when you turn the knob and try on any other terminal, then the contacts inside the timer is burned. Let me know what you find. Do you have a meter? if not let me know. I can show ya how to make a poor mans meter .
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 04:30:20 PM
Wow ... thanks for replying so quickly.
No ... I do not have a meter.  I was thinking of running over to Home Depot to pick one up.  But, if I can fix this thing without it ... all the better.
I have to mention one thing.  I watched all the videos on this site, and when I opened up my dryer ... I thought there was a blanket of insulation covering everything.  It was DIRT/LINT/DUST etc.  I spent all day cleaning it out.  Question ... is there a possibility that the dryer will work now that is can breathe? 
Also, my dryer is a model with the lint trap inside the door.  It doesn't open from the back at all.  I have the parts info I got from the Whirlpool site for this model.  I can send it to you if you want.  Just tell me where to send it.  It's more than 120 KB so I can't attach it below.
I'll wait to hear back from you.

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: Repair-man on March 05, 2008, 05:28:29 PM
Unfortunately diagnosing a dryer problem can be time-consuming without the aid of a meter. The very first thing a servicer would do is check for proper voltage at the wall plug. From there, it's an easy trip thru the little parts on the back of your dryer with the OHM meter. One meter...many uses. Without it, you are holding a shotgun and shooting at air.

And yes, you can teach an old broad new tricks :)

How to Check for Proper Voltage (

Here's the layout of your dryer's heating thingies:
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 05:57:32 PM
Thanks Reapir-man! 
I guess I'll have to run out tomorrow and get that meter.  I hope they're not too expensive!
Also, the dryer layout you sent me isn't the one for MY dryer.  My dryer does not open from the back at all.  You have to go in through the front bottom panel.  My lint filter is not on top of the dryer ... it's in the door.
If you're interested, you can get the layout for this model (#GEQ9800LWS0) at the following whirlpool site ...

CONTINUING ON ... If you had to guess at a probable cause, what would it be?  I was thinking of ordering those thermal fuse things.  I have to get this dryer repaired fast, so I'd rather just order the "most obvious" parts I'll need.  I just need some advice on which parts I should get ... and a little help down the road when I install them.  I've identified most of the fuses, etc. on the dryer itself from the parts info I had downloaded.  I think I can do this, I just need some help knowing what needs to be done.  Understand?

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: Repair-man on March 05, 2008, 06:29:24 PM
The steps I usually perform on a dryer like your Duet are:
1. Check voltage at wall
2. Check continuity thru element
3. Check continuity thru thermostats, thermisters and thermals.

Takes me 2 minutes in all. You  too, with a meter.

If not found during this check, things naturally will require a bit more time to trace the problem to its source. Heat is cycled from the main control board inside the top panel on the left.  Your Duet dryer tech sheet points the way. Get your meter and lets get started.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 06:55:23 PM
Thanks.  I'll have to go out tomorrow and get that meter.  I was just hoping to get the parts "on their way" here.  This old broad ain't gettin' any younger!!  There isn't any chance that I'll be able to get the parts I need locally, is there?
Anyway, I'll be back after I get the meter.  I honestly don't know how to do that continuity check ... and electricity scares me to death so I'm overly cautious.  I'll need some guidance ... hint! hint!
Hope to talk with you again tomorrow ... PLEASE!
PS  I don't have a "DUET" dryer.  It must be an odd ball though.  Check out that site I sent in my last post if you have a chance.  Or, I can send it to you via email.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: Repair-man on March 05, 2008, 07:14:10 PM
Don't know what part you need yet! Just to show we are on the same page, here is a wiring diagram provided by the nice folks at Whirlpool. You are right, it's a far cry from the Duet :) (
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 05, 2008, 07:27:37 PM
Hay I was checking your model number and I see you have the Princess dryer. All the working parts of this bad baby can only be accessed from removing the lower front panel. The heating element just yanks out for easy replacement on this girl. it also has high limit mounted on the heating element. I have a secret tip for you. If all of them safetys check ok. Their is still one more safety and it is mounted behind the filter bladder. It blows when that filter housing gets all full of lint. To get to it you must remove the filter housing. Their you will see this little beaut. what does it look like? Well lets see.This fuse pictured is called a duct fuse. The dryer will still run but she won't heat. Like I said it is behind the filter housing. Hay while you have that housing off take it outside and give it a good squirt with the old water hose.Ain't nothing but a coupla 1/4 inch screws holding that filter housing on. It is a piece of cake.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 08:21:04 PM
Hi JWWebster,
That fuse you pictured is the one that AJ told me to check in that other forum.  I know where it is.  But ... do I have to remove that filter housing to get to it?  I can reach around behind the housing ... sort of.  Would that work? 
I looked at the coils as best I could. They seem to be okay ... but I couldn't get the heating element out of that box/case thing so my view was somewhat limited.  The wires to the box have a blob of black stuff securing them to the dryer base.  I was afraid to yank on them too hard.
I think I'm gonna pick-up a ratcheting nut driver.  I'm using a teeny tiny wrench to get these screw nuts off.  My hands are all scraped up ... I'm covered with God knows what all ... AND I found what appears to be a mouse nest IN THE VENT HOSE to the outside!  I'm actually seeing double right now! 
BUT, I am tenacious!!  I WILL fix this ... what'd you call it? a princess?  I'll tell you one thing JW ... she AIN'T NO PRINCESS ... she'd a  big white slut!!  LOL!
JW ... do you think I can find these parts (the thermal fuse and the other two "things" attached to that box)... or equivalent parts ... locally?  I live in Pennsylvania ... outside of Philly.  It's too cold to hang clothes outside ... they'd freeze!  So the sooner I can get this mother fixed, the better!
Thank you SO MUCH for being kind enough to help a stranger! 
God Bless!
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 05, 2008, 08:45:02 PM
I know it looks intimidating to remove that part but it comes right off. and then you can spy the fuse easily. I have worked on a few of these babys and it ain't all that bad. The fact you found a blockage in the vent hose confirms my suspicions that indeed this fuse is blown.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 09:08:14 PM
Thanks JW!  I'll pick-up that meter thing tomorrow.  I also have to buy a replacement vent hose ... the mice chewed through the aluminum accordian-type hose we had ... trying to get in from the cold.  In reading about vents on your site, I think I'll try to go with that rigid metal pipe stuff.  Just let the little suckers try to get in through that!  WOW ... ANOTHER PROJECT! 
Boy have I ever learned my lesson.  Once I get this "baby" going again, I'm gonna vacuum her guts out every six months!
I hope you'll be avaiable some time tomorrow to help me out with that continuity testing.  I'd really appreciate it.
Take care ... and THANKS!!
PS  My next project will be draining my hot water heater and installing an overflow/steam vent pipe to the sink ... never got around to it when we installed it!  Bad girl!
Title: PICTURES of Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 05, 2008, 09:55:08 PM
Just thought ya'll like to see how CLEAN my dryer is now!

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 05, 2008, 10:04:35 PM
nice pictures of the old princess dryer. That black thingy needs to be removed to find the mystery heat fuse. also on the right is the heat element. that thing on front is a shield that needs to be removed to access the heating element. By the way that element has an s shape and is the most expensive element whirlpool makes.thankfully it is easy to replace. you just yank it out. In fact you need to yank it out and examine it and clean out the heat chamber. On the outside as I have said before is high limits. one is a 250 degree and the one in back is a 300 degree melter. if it is open there will be no heat.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 06, 2008, 06:12:57 PM
Hey ... Anybody there?
I bought that multi-meter thing, but I can't figure out how to use it.  There are 3 holes I can plug into, but only two wires???  I watched the video on how to use a multi-meter, but it wasn't much help to me.  I guess I'm stupid. 
I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out.  I have to test that thermal fuse thing ... and the other fuses.
By the way, JWWebster, I took that lint duct cover off ... vacuumed it out ... but I'd like to remove the blower wheel if it's not too hard.  I can't figure out how it comes off.  There's some white stuff caked on the spokes and my vacuum cleaner isn't picking it up very well ... won't fit in there.
PLEASE ... someone get back to me asap.  I'm ready to test this baby?
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 06, 2008, 07:40:00 PM
You do NOT have to remove the blower wheel
the meter needs to be on the OHMS setting the GREEN range. preferably on the audible beep setting (If you have one) If continuity is present a little BEEEEEEEP can be heard. Neat ain't it? The  fuse as pictured should be seen next to that blower NOT BEHIND IT> if you trying to remove the blower wheel you is working WAY TOO HARD>
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 06, 2008, 08:11:14 PM
I sent you an email.
Title: NOT the FUSES?? .. No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 06, 2008, 10:11:58 PM
Hello All,

I think I figured out how to use this meter.  If I did it right, the fuses checked out ... beeped! 
I checked ...
 BOTH Thermal Cut-offs (on the heater case/box)
 and the Thermal Fuse on the Blower Housing. 
Basically ... I checked everything I could find.

I still haven't checked the voltage where the wires come into the dryer.  I'm not sure how to do that.  Help!

There is a white thing with wires that go through the heater box directly to the heater coils.  That white thing DID NOT beep ... but I'm not sure if it should have or should not have.  Is that a thermostat?  Should I check it?  How?

Also, do I have to remove all those attachments to the heater box in order to get the element out?  I haven't really been able to check it thoroughly with it still inside the box.  I was afraid to pull it out.

Any advice will be appreciated!

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 06, 2008, 11:52:41 PM
I guess you all went to bed ... or maybe you're just sick of hearing from me. 
I had hoped to get this thing done tonight so that I could order the parts I need ... Oh Well!  Tomorrow's another day!
I've got to get some sleep before I crack up!  But before I go, I have a couple questions that hopefully someone will take pity and answer for me.

When I was checking the thermal fuse on/behind the lint duct housing, there were two sets of wire "things" going into it.  One set was mounted the outter sides of the fuse.  The other set (violet) was mounted on TOP of the fuse.  I checked the two outside ones and they tested okay.  But the two violet wires on the top DID NOT.  Should all 4 wires have tested okay for continuity?

My other question is about testing the heating element itself for continuity.  I read in another post that I should remove one of the fat red wires going to the element and to then test for continuity.  I tested every which way I could think of ... removing one wire and then the other ... touching this and then that with the probes, etc.  I DID NOT get a beep. But, I'm not sure I placed the probes in the right places, etc. 
Could someone please tell me the proper way to do this?

Finally ... does the dryer have to be plugged into the outlet when I do the voltage tests ... which I have no idea how to do with this meter I have.  Do I test the outlet itself?

Well ... Night Night my friends!  Take care!
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 07, 2008, 08:47:14 AM
You don't check the wires. you remove the wires and check the thingys that they attach to. these are sensors or fuses. You gotta remove at least one wire from each one so that you won't get a FALSE reading from a loop. I would touch the 2 leads together and move the selector of the meter around until you get an audible beep. This beeping makes it easy to see if you have a circuit. If any of these sensors are OPEN then they interupt the power to the heating element. This is a good thing. It keeps the lint filled dryer from catching fire.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: Repair-man on March 07, 2008, 01:28:52 PM
Let's go back to your previous post. You said you checked "the thing with white terminals going into the heater". Well, that WAS the heater. The 2 terminals come thru a small ceramic insulation block and stick out so you can put wires on it. If there was no beep, the heater is bad. I've never worked on a Princess, but our old expert JW is likely full of comments by now.

The other thermostat you mentioned with the 4 terminals is a bias thermostat, or sometimes called the operating thermostat. When the dryness sensor is satisfied, the controls sends 240 volts to the top 2 wires (violet) on this thermostat. The top terminals are a heater that opens the lower set of contacts when the dryer is hot enough. You should have gotten a reading thru the top 2 as well, but it will not be full continnuity. If your OHM scale is set to Rx200 or more, you'll see a reading.

You need a new heater...don't worry about voltage checks right now.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 07, 2008, 01:33:27 PM
You need an element $60
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 07, 2008, 02:24:22 PM
Hello Hello Hello!!
Thanks for getting back to me.  I was just downstairs poking around in the dryer.  I have one of those long hand held mirrors, so I used it with a flashlight and wrote down the actual numbers and locations of every part I could find to test.
Upon reading JW's previous comment, I tried testing the Thermal Fuse (#3390719) at the base of the terminals as well as at the top on the plugs.  I got a beep at the top but NOT at the bottom.  I had tried to pull the wires off but couldn't.  Is there some trick to getting these plugs off?  Where should I be grabbing them ... I don't want to damage the wires.
So what do ya think. Is my Thermal Fuse #3390719 bad?

Also, when I tested the heater coil, I removed both wires and touched the plug terminals ... male end??  No beep.  I tried one then the other ... inside and out ... No Beep.  You said that that white thing is ceramic ... mine looks like plastic.  Am I looking at the right thing?

Please let me know if you think the Thermal Fuse is bad due to the fact that it did not beep at the base of the terminals.  And could that effect the other heater thing?  When I said earlier that I had tested everything, I had NOT removed wires ... only touched the terminals at the top.

Thanks guys!  I was really getting discouraged!
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 07, 2008, 08:21:40 PM
anythang that does not beep is defective! replace it.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 08, 2008, 06:33:51 PM
Hi Guys!
I just wanted to let you know that I ordered the parts for my dryer yesterday.  They should be here Monday ... or maybe Tuesday. 
I ordered ...

Part# 3387747 ( Heater Element
Part# 3390719 ( Thermal Fuse
Kit# 279769 (  which includes ...
Part# 3977394 ( Thermal Cut-Off
Part# 3390291 ( Thermostat 250*F (121*C)

I got a pretty good deal ... so I decided to cover all my bases ... hopefully!
I was wondering about all the lint that was inside my dryer.  Is that "normal"?  I cannot imagine how so much could have built up in there.  True ... I never cleaned it before, but it still seemed like way too much.  The dryer is only about 6 years old ... I think!
So do ya'll think it's normal ... or could a seal/gasket be damaged in some way.  I was just wondering!
So, if you experts are willing, I may need some advice when I install all these parts.  It looks fairly straight forward, but you never know. 
Hey JW ... I read about a "trick" in one of your other posts ... that there is some kind of moisture sensor thing that should be cleaned on some dryers.  Is that something I should do?  If so, where is mine and what does it look like?
Many THANKS to all of you who have so generously given of your time and talents to help me out!
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 08, 2008, 07:53:59 PM
Yall need to clean the lint filter after every load
The moisture sensor picks up continuity between the 2 probes on the inner wall as the clothes rub up against them. As long as moisture is detected the timer will not advance.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: babs277 on March 08, 2008, 09:20:04 PM
JW ... your comment from that old posting was this ...

"Down here we have determined a simple removal and cleaning of the contact on this tiny board will make it do its thang once again. Another trade secret. Shhh They will all be doing it!!!"

Should I remove and clean the contact on MY tiny board while I have the dryer apart?  Do I even have a tiny board?  Come on ... share the secret!!  LOL!

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 09, 2008, 09:13:06 AM
I would not bother with it UNLESS the timer would NOT advance. The way to do it is simply yank it out of it's socket and clean the contacts good with alcohol. But if the dryer is working fine I wouldn't bother with that step. It has nothing to do with heat, It is about wetness.
Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: Repair-man on March 09, 2008, 09:39:43 AM
Babs, what you really need to think about is what caused this in the first place. Thermal fuses, heaters and motors generally don't fail at the drop of a hat. They usually need some encouragement. This comes in the form of a restricted or improperly installed vent. Up till now, no one has asked you about the vent sytem you have, but I would like to know the details if you please. Things that you might mention are:

1. Type of duct on back (foil slinky, plastic white, semi-rigid metal, etc.)
2. Where does the vent run to? (up, straight out, how long?)

I'm only asking because I don't like to see people having the same problem again and again if they can avoid it. I'm not made of money, and I don't think you are either. Before you answer with these details, you might have a look at some tips on proper venting that I have posted here (
Title: Old Broad has HEAT in her Dryer!!
Post by: babs277 on March 12, 2008, 01:02:31 AM
Hi Everyone!!

I DID IT!!!  My parts came in on Monday ... and I had the dryer back together and running with HEAT by Monday night.  I've been catching up on laundry ever since.  Hurray!  I only installed the heating element and kept the other fuses for later if I need them.  Now that I know how to do this, I can replace the fuses if necessary.  The ones that were in the dryer weren't bad so I left them be.

I still have a couple questions though.  I hope you all won't mind.
When I originally tried to take my dryer apart, I mistakenly tried to remove the back.  I removed some screws ... about seven.  But, when I went to put them back in, the holes seemed to have disappeared from the underside for 5 of them.  I hope I'm explaining this so you can understand what I mean.  It's like when you try to line up the two holes and the part underneath has moved and there's just solid metal showing ... or nothing at all.  To be honest, I can't even remember for sure which holes three of the screws came out of ... but I can't get them to go in anywhere!  There's solid white metal behind where I thought they were supposed to go.
The other two left over screws came off the hinged part of the top control panel thing.  It had four screws ... and it now has only two.  I can see through those two holes, but the there's nothing at all behing the top part to screw into.  I can put the screws in and they just sit there loose ... not secured at all. 
So what do ya'll think happened?  Do ya think that the dryer back plate shifted or dropped somehow?  If so, how do I remedy it ... get all the screws back in?   It doesn't seem to be affecting the dryer's operation, but I'd like to fix it anyway.

Problem two ... when I originally removed the terminal plate/cover over the wires coming into the dryer in the back, a spring clip fell out and I didn't see where it came from ... nor can I figure it out from the parts illustrations I have.  They list the clip as Part#3394427 Clip Harness.  It's only listed ... and not shown on the drawing itself.  It's identical to the ones that were at the top of the front bottom panel I removed.  So, can one of you geniuses tell me where this wire harness clip belongs and how to put it back in?

Finally, I bought new 8 foot semi-rigid vent duct and a new piece to put through the wall outside.  But, I was having trouble stretching the vent ... I was afraid I'd break it.  So, for now I have the new good vent attached to the dryer ... and then duct taped at the other end to a section of the old cruddy stuff going outside.  I have to wait until next pay day to pick up an additional 8 foot piece of the good stuff. 
Repair-man ... I watched all your videos ... including the one about how improper venting can make your house sick.  I learned a few things I was actually going to ask ya'll about.  Like ... Can I somehow recycle all that good heat back into the house?  No! No! No!  Too bad though!
I also learned that dust mites POOP their own weight EVERY DAY!!   GROSS!
What I do need to know is ... How do I connect the two pieces of semi-rigid vent together?   I'm sure there's a better way than duct tape ... right?  And they won't fit inside of each other cuz they're too rigid, right?  I don't recall seeing any connector type pieces at Home Depot when I bought the other stuff.  But, I want to do this RIGHT!!
The over all vent distance is only about ten feet ... maybe less, but I'd prefer to not "stretch" this semi-rigid vent stuff any more than I have to.  It seems like it'll be stronger that way.

So, that's about it!  I can't thank all of you enough!  You're the greatest!  MANY MANY THANKS!!

babs  ... the old broad who learned a few new tricks!

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: BrntToast on March 12, 2008, 02:42:27 AM
the missing screws from the back could be very important, they could be the ones that hold the heater housing in place or the mount for the rear rollers

you need to remove the front panel, then the drum, once the cabinet is all open you will be able to shift the 2 parts so the screw holes for both line up

also dont connect semi-rigid ducting, its sold in 10 foot or longer lenghts, the coupler will catch lint and create problems in the future

with semi-rigid always use an elbow to connect it to the dryer and also to the rigid that leads outside, its just so much easier

Title: Re: No HEAT in Old Broad's Dryer
Post by: JWWebster on March 12, 2008, 10:03:43 AM
Unplug the dryer. Use an ice pick to line up one of the holes in the back. Once you get it centered the rest should fit nicely. I have no idea what the spring clip does. Aproduct called foil tape is heat resistant and lasts way longer than duct tape. Costs more though.