Author Topic: GE Profile PSS26SGPA fan runs constantly temps are OK  (Read 36 times)

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GE Profile PSS26SGPA fan runs constantly temps are OK
« on: July 23, 2014, 08:03:10 PM »
About a month ago my GE Profile PSS26SGPA compressor stopped running.  I pulled the board and found the burned solder joint on the back.  Replaced the board and everything seemed to be running fine.
As time passed it seemed that the fridge was never shutting off.  I could constantly hear a fan running.  Sounds like the fan in the freezer section.  The digital display is showing temps around the set points +/- 2 degrees.  I have heard it occasionally go silent, but it's obviously running for longer periods of time than it did in the past.
When I was troubleshooting the bad board the condenser fan was somewhat slow, not sure if that fan runs slow by design or if it's getting worn.
I did go though the diagnostic steps on the control panel.  All passed but 0-3 dispenser/temperature control.  Don't think that applies to my issue and it seems that this diagnostic mode is not to be counted on.
Temp gun is showing freezer air temps below 0 and fridge section from 35 and lower.  So all in all temps seem fine, but I am hearing a fan run more than in the past.
Thanks for any help.


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